IPS is an established service provider for post importation testing with a large multinational client base. We have acquired vast resources and skills to assist clients with any analytical requirements. Our foundation is based on sound research processes which allows us to assist our clients, big or small, with any chemical and analytical requirements they might have. We are therefore able to provide a large scope of services including but not limited to method development, validation, stability studies, comparative studies, reformulations etc.

At IPS, quality is the driver of our culture and the focus of our service. We strive to maintain a high-quality standard and comply with Good Laboratory, Documentation and Manufacturing Practises. Safety first is the goal, with quality, efficiency and culture driving the company.

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The team is led by Malherbe Swart (B.Pharm, MSc) as our responsible person. Helga Kelly heads the QA and technical development with Tino Hamutyinei as Laboratory Supervisor.

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